Like the old cliché says, a picture is worth a thousand words. In this post, five videos were selected to do the explaining on gout.

YouTube has hundreds of gout videos to choose from, but only a few stood out. I found these five presentations to have the best balance of accurate content and lively visuals to make it easier to understand how gout develops. Each video presents information in a unique way, but all highlight important points on how to treat gout.

(1) Gout

The computer generated visuals in this video are outstanding. It clearly illustrates the physiology and processes from purines to joint deformation.

Published by Nucleus Medical Media in July 2012 (3 min.)

Odd Fact: This gout video recommends to limit caffeinated beverages due to possible dehydration. Two years after this clip was made, a 2014 study found that coffee actually helps the body excrete uric acid.

(2) Gout – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Pathology

If you like the whiteboard hand-drawn style presentation, then this video will appeal to you. It also includes a bit more scientific jargon, but not too heavy. The first two minutes illustrate the molecular structures of purines and uric acid. The rest is on the causes and treatments.

Published by Osmosis in December 2016 (6 min.)

The whiteboard style used here does a great job grouping different points onto one page without being overbearing.

Odd Fact: Podagra is defined as a painful condition of the big toe caused by gout. Known to ancient Greeks as ‘foot-grabber’.

(3) Gout Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

This gout video is actually a recorded presentation from the National Health Service (NHS) Medical Forum in the UK. It drills down on several topics about gout like causes, risk factors, diagnosis, treatments and prevention.

Published by New Medical Imaging on January 2016. (15 min)

Odd Fact: The video stated that the exposure to high levels of lead is linked to increased levels of uric acid or hyperuricemia. A 2015 case study from China confirms this statement. Besides, shouldn’t you be more worried about lead poisoning?

(4) 10 Expert Tips On How To Fight Gout Attack

This gout video shares useful tips and warnings like natural anti-inflammatory remedies and health conditions. Still, the funny facial expressions by the actors break up the monotony as well.  

Published by Bright Side on October 2018 (10 min.)

A very good point included but not typically specified by many gout experts was on visceral fat. This is the fat that surrounds your internal organs. Insulin resistance and gout development are directly linked to high levels of visceral fat.

(5) Stop Eating This: 10 Uric Acid (Gout) Causing Foods! (Hyperuricemia)

This fifth gout video presentation is the best one. Its 9 million views would attest to it. Everything is professionally done from the slow motion pouring, food close-ups and actors/actresses.

Published by Flickin Facts in November 2017 (6 min)

All the foods on the list are legitimate gout triggers. More examples of shellfish and yeast products could have been included. Similar to fish, not all types of mushrooms contain high amounts of purines. Nonetheless, this is a great video.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, these gout videos with their visuals and explanations clarified or reinforced the basics about gout. These 40 minutes of video will not capture all the details on gout, but it does provide you a solid foundation of knowledge.

By gradually making changes in you diet like cutting down on high fructose drinks, beer and shellfish, you will be able to reduce your chances of getting gout. Chronic gout sufferers still will need to continue taking proper medication in combination with a low-purine diet and plenty of exercise. However, gout attacks may not recur as often or as intense.

Lastly, which video did you think was the most helpful?

(The embed/share function for all five videos were enabled when this post was published. I have no intention to infringe on any publisher’s copyright-protected material. This post is used and referenced under YouTube’s Terms of Service on free use videos.)


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