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The Real Reasons Why Dehydration Causes Gout

Intelligent adults know the body requires fluids to perform optimally. It’s a built-in human response to drink when you get thirsty. However, quenching your thirst does not necessarily mean you are fully hydrated. Because proper rehydration is often ignored, dehydration is the most overlooked cause of gout. This is a […]

boxing combination causes gout during sleep

This Combination Causes Gout During Sleep

Sometimes a boxer needs to throw the right combination of punches to knockout his opponent. Similarly, a combination of factors is needed to cause a crippling gout attack during sleep. Uric acid levels are probably very high for gout to strike at night. This post explains why certain conditions during […]

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CBD Topicals With These Five Herbs Can Ease Gout Symptoms: Pain and Inflammation

By 2025, the US cannabidiol (CBD) industry is predicted to reach $26 billion. As public acceptance expands, so do CBD product lines and purpose. More CBD manufacturers are developing new topical products with herbal extracts for specific health benefits. With so many CBD products, plus the different types of herbs, […]

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Beware: Fasting Causes Gout

A recent survey reported 28.69% of Americans gained over 5lbs during the 2020 pandemic. So like many who wanted to shed some pounds, I decided to tighten up the diet and jump into better shape. Everything was going as planned until the second week. Oh, sh-t! Gout struck on the […]

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Recurring Gout & Depression – The Mental Game

It doesn’t take a genius to know physical pain impacts the mind and emotions. Gout sufferers know too well that gout always brings pain. Most bounce back after an occasional flare up. The mental game of gout starts when gout episodes become frequent and prolonged. Over time, depression can develop […]

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Can Bromelain Be A Gout-Fighting Enzyme?

When tenderizer powder remains on meat for too long, it turns into mush. The main ingredient responsible for this process is bromelain. Similar to digestion, it softens meat by splitting up their protein bonds. If this is true, bromelain may also be a gout-fighting enzyme that helps break up purines found in […]

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COLCORONA Clinical Trial: Can Gout Drug Colchicine help treat COVID-19?

The clinical trial named Colcorona will analyze whether colchicine, a drug commonly prescribed for gout, can be effective an effective treatment for patients with COVID-19. Researchers hypothesize colchicine’s anti-inflammatory effects can reduce the overreaction of the autoimmune system called the cytokine storm- the harmful response that creates the coronavirus health […]

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This is How Hypertension Sets You Up For Gout

You are what you eat! Too much of the wrong foods sets you up for health complications like hypertension and gouty arthritis. There’s the short answer. You knew this already. Right? Now you want more facts? OK. About three out of four people with gout have high blood pressure. Another […]